ONACS Branch Blessing Ceremony with ONACS Thousand Suns

ONACS Thousand Suns, Shelby Township, MI

Oklevueha Native American Church SomaVeda Medicine Elder Dr. Anthony B. James blesses new ONACS Independendent Branch Oklevueha Native American Church SomaVeda of Thousand Suns at ONACS Sanctuary, Brooksville, FL. ONACS Chairman and Medicine person Dr. Anthony B. James performed ONACS Pipe Ceremony to officially sanction and authorize the branch April 15th, 2015. In attendence were ONACS Directors, Elders and members of both ONACS and ONACS Thousand Suns. For information on establishing an ONACS Independent Branch visit SomaVeda.Com

ONACS Thousand Suns Branch Blessing_5932.JPG

ONACS Thousand Suns Branch Blessing_5933.JPG

ONACS Thousand Suns pipe ceremony_5930.JPG

ONACS Thousand Suns pipe ceremony_5931.JPG

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